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Pacifica Police Discover ‘Skimmer' Device in 7-11 ATM

Police discovered and removed a "skimmer" device from an automated teller machine at a convenience store in Pacifica Thursday afternoon.

According to police, a customer was using an ATM at a 7-11 located at 100 Clarendon Rd. around 1 p.m. when he noticed a piece of wire protruding from the top of the PIN pad.

Upon closer examination, the customer discovered a false bottom had been attached the ledge above the PIN pad, and he told a store clerk who contacted authorities.

Police said an investigation revealed that a pinhole camera connected to an illegal card reader device had been attached to the ATM.

According to police, when a bankcard in inserted into a "skimmer", account information is stored illegally on an attached electronic device where criminals can then use the information and commit fraud.

Police advised ATM users to be aware of suspicious looking equipment that seems loose, crooked, damaged or has an abundance of adhesive residue.

Additionally, police advised ATM users to always block their PIN numbers when entering them, and to contact their banks if a card is not immediately returned after the transaction, or hitting cancel.

Pacifica police continue to investigate this incident.

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