Pacifica: Strong Surf Pounds Pavement, Washes Out Retaining Wall and Sidewalk

Relentless waves pounding against the seashore in Pacifica washed out a section of retaining wall and sidewalk along Beach Boulevard at Santa Maria Avenue.

Crews spent the day Sunday building a makeshift wall with boulders to protect nearby homes. They returned Monday morning, after high tide, to shore up their work before more storms bring even more problems.

Some waterfront neighbors say it's been pretty intense at times.

"The waves were crashing at my window, and it was like an earthquake,” Mia Carley said.

The pounding surf also forced the closure of Pacifica Pier.

High surf and flooding has also led to some road closures.

Public Works says it probably won’t start permanent repairs on the sidewalk sinkhole, estimated at 40-feet long and 8-feet wide, for a while: weeks, maybe months. The department says they’re adding engineers to work on a plan for a permanent fix, and they’re keeping a close eye on infrastructure, particularly gas and water lines.

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