Pacifica's Tripod Underdog Seeks Fame

If Adam Lambert was a three-legged dog, he'd look like this

Pony the Pit Bull Terrier comes from a humble background.

Rescued from the East Bay Streets with several broken bones, she had to have her back left leg amputated shortly after being taken in by Berkeley Animal Care Services.

But that rough start hasn't stopped Pony from leading a happy canine life, and now she wants a piece of Hollywood.

Pony, who is owned by Maureen Murray of Pacifica, is a contestant in "3-Legged Dog Idol," an online competition created by independent film director Geoff Talbot. The grand prize? The role in his new movie, "Lucky and Rich," as the lead character, Scrap.

Pony is one of 111 competitors in the international contest. Talbot's blog visitors cast votes in favor of one contestant; each contestant with more than 1,000 votes progresses to the next round. 

Murray said in a press release that she hopes Pony will win the contest so that audiences will see how good-natured Pit Bull Terriers can be when given proper care.

Vote for Pony online at . The poll closes at the end of the day today.

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