San Jose

Painted-Over San Jose Mural Leads to Boycott

It was nearly a year ago someone painted over a beloved Chicano mural on a San Jose building, triggering angry protests.

Now activists are calling for new consequences and to boycott the person they believe is to blame.

It still pains community leaders to see the barren wall. Gone are the colorful images of Chicano history after someone painted over the mural.

"For the Mexicans, it's like no respect," San Jose-resident Sergio Gonzalez said.

Community activists blame the property owner. They believe the same person also owns the dental clinic on Alum Rock Avenue.

Ironically, a large mural adorned the wall of that clinic until someone also painted over that mural.

"That mural was titled Mexicatlan. It was erased in 2015 unlawfully," said Jose Valle, a community activist.

Valle and other community activists are calling for a boycott of the dentist office.

Next week, they plan to hold a full day of protest on the sidewalk and an ongoing boycott after.

"We want our murals preserved, and the only way to do that is to affect the property owner's business," Valle said. "To affect the property owners where their pockets count."

NBC Bay Area is waiting for a response after reaching out to the dentist office.

It's still unclear who actually owned the one-time Payless store at the time the mural was painted over. But activists say one thing is clear: they will not rest until they get their mural back.

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