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Activist Singer Joan Baez Joins Palo Alto Students in Peaceful Protest

High school students in Palo Alto organized a peaceful protest and march Tuesday afternoon as a plea for unity and were joined by a famous 1960s activist and singer to boost their message in song.

Dozens of students left school after the final bell and walked down University Avenue and other streets with parents and residents. The crowd eventually gathered at Lytton Plaza.

The rally was in opposition of President-elect Donald Trump as well as a cry for peace, justice and equality. Chants included "Black Lives Matter," "Build bridges Not walls," and "Women's Rights Are Human Rights."

Singer and activist Joan Baez, who lives in Woodside, joined the protest. Baez sang "Ain't Gonna Let Nobody Turn Me Around" through a black megaphone in front of a clapping audience.

The protest was led by students at Gunn and Palo Alto High School. The Palo Alto Police Department escorted the protesters as they marched through the streets.

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