Parents of Woman Fatally Shot by San Jose Police Demand Full Investigation

The parents of a San Jose woman killed by police after she allegedly threatened to kill her family are demanding answers and a full investigation by the district attorney's office.

Diana Showman, 19, was fatally shot by an officer outsider her home after coming out holding a black power drill. Police were responding to reports of a woman holding an "uzi-type weapon" in the Blossom Hill Road neighborhood.

"She liked movies, you know?" Jim Showman said of his daughter. "And I think a lot of times she would fantasize of something, and I almost think that's probably what occurred."

Police said Diana ignored demands from officers to put down the weapon. The woman was shot and killed when police said she pointed the weapon, later identified as a power drill, at officers. The incident was captured on cell phone video and both police and her parents are calling for a thorough investigation.

Family said Diana struggled with mental health issues. Her parents said trained officers should take that into consideration and not resort to lethal force.

"She was a good girl -- she had challenges, we loved her," said Vickie Showman, Diana's mother. I want the police to be more careful. I want them to be more compassionate."

Police in response said officers are sympathetic and point out many cops, including the one who shot Diana have training in dealing with the mentally ill.

But police said officers in this case had seconds to respond to Diana's actions.

"The events unfolded very quickly and very rapidly," San Jose Police Sgt. Heather Randol said. "And the officer had to react to a threat."

Diana's parents and their attorney, Steven Clark, are also upset that after the shooting they were taken away, isolated, and interviewed for hours.

"I finally got angry and opened the door and said, 'What your guys are doing is cruel. We didn't know if our daughter is alive. What has happened? You've told us nothing.'" Jim Showman said.

Vickie Showman said the police interviews felt like they were being treated as criminals.

"We were kept apart," she said. "We weren't taken to the hospital where my baby died alone."

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