Parents Pledge to Delay Giving Children Smartphones

If you're a parent, you've heard this argument before, "but all the other kids are doing it."

These days, kids are using the tactic to beg for a smartphone, but now, parents are pledging to wait until 8th grade to give their children mobile technology.

The tech-free idea is going viral, several parents tweeting that they're committing to the idea and implementing the rules at their homes.

The realization that kids as young as first and second graders were using smartphones convinced mother Brooke Shannon that her three daughters should grow up a little more old school, encouraging her to start the movement.

"It really takes the pressure off I think for a mom and for a dad to not have this daily debate or weekly debate on when their child gets a phone," she said.

Shannon acknowledges that some families need devices to communicate for medical reasons or custody arrangements and for that, she encourages lower tech options like an old school flip phone when possible.

Now, 20,000 families in all 50 started have taken the pledge.

For more information on the movement, click here.

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