San Francisco

Parents Rally in San Francisco For Missing Mexican Students

It has been more than six months since 43 students were kidnapped in Mexico and presumed massacred, but their families are still looking for answers as to what happened to their children.

In San Francisco’s Mission District Saturday, a couple of parents tried to rally support around their plight. There has been no definitive proof of their deaths. So, the families of those 43 students are still holding out hope that their loved ones are still alive.

Organizers have put together three caravans in the United States, one back east and another in the Midwest and one moving up the West Coat. It is fitting the one on the West Coast stopped in San Francisco’s Mission District because that is where a good number of residents of Mexican descent live and are interested in this case.

Dozens marched from the 24th Street Bart Station to a community forum at a local middle school. That is where a mother and a father, each with a son among the 43 missing, explained their heartache to a standing room only crowd.

Mexican authorities have said the college students were taken by police and handed over to a drug cartel that killed them all, but little evidence supports that.

“They’re here to ask for support and to continue to keep their plight in the limelight," organizer Anabelle Garay said. "They’re also asking the U.S. to reconsider the aid it provides Mexico for military purposes.”

Organizers of the march and forum hope people will join in to pressure the Mexican government into solving this case.

The caravans plan on converging in New York City at some point, gathering at the United Nations, and ramping up the pressure there too.

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