Participant in Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine Trial Feeling ‘Superhuman'

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Injected twice and now feeling "superhuman." That's how a well-known Bay Area attorney is describing his experience in the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine trial.

Daniel Horowitz, 65, was one of the 44,000 people who participated in the trial. He said he feels great and humbled.

The trial made headlines this week when Pfizer said early results showed a 90% effective rate in protecting people from the coronavirus.

Horowitz, who said he's been avoiding crowds up to now, flew to New York to see his parents after the trial.

"I just felt like I was floating as I walked through in a different world from everyone else and I was just saying, 'This is great for me, but it sucks for these people. They gotta do something,'" he said.

He admitted he's not sure he got the actual vaccine, but he thinks he did.

As for the side effects, he said he's experienced a little soreness.

"It wasn't so bad that I needed even an aspirin," he said.

He's reminding the public that it's important to be patient and safe.

"You gotta hold on, right, just another few months," he said.

Meanwhile, more companies are enrolling more subjects for vaccine trials. Even in a best-case scenario, vaccines, once approved, will be rolled out gradually over several months.

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