Pasta Pomodoro Wants You to Feel Good About Getting Fat

Local pasta chain vows to help out worthy cause

Go ahead indulge tonight. Eat out and while you're at it, why not order seconds? Hell throw on some desert as well.

No need to feel bad about packing away all those carbs. Lord knows it's cold outside. No need to worry about spending all that money during this bad economy too. Uncle Sam could use the extra sales tax and Karma is real right?

There is no need to feel bad, that is, if you are eating at Pasta Pomodoro restaurants across the Bay Area. No the pasta restaurant chain is not paying us to write this but we are always down with a good cause. And the restaurant promises to help out struggling people in third world countries if you promise to get your belly swollen on some pesto induced gnocchi or whatever else Italian floats your boat.

For two nights, beginning Tuesday, Pasta Pomodoro restaurants will donate 20 percent of every food sale, with the exception of tax and gratuity of course, to the Bay Area non-profit Roots of Peace, with the mention of “Roots of Peace.”

Proceeds will benefit the Roots of Peace programs that remove dangerous landmines and help Afghanistan’s farmers replant agricultural fields. To find a Pasta Pomodoro near you check out their Web site.

Sajid Farooq is a LIfestyle Editor for NBC Bay Area, who does not mind packing on the carb induced pounds.

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