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Pecan Resist: Oakland Artist Helps Ben & Jerry's Launch Ice Cream Flavor Against President Trump

Ben & Jerry's is rolling out a new ice cream flavor to take a stand against President Donald Trump. It might not be a flavor everyone is going to like, especially Republican ice cream lovers.

Oakland artist Favianna Rodriguez's colorful work is now the face of Ben & Jerry's newest featured flavor: Pecan Resist. The multi-textured chocolate mix has Rodriguez's art on the pint-size container. But there's nothing pint-size about its message.

"It's in these times where silence equals complicity and so we need everyone to lead with their values, and that's what this new pint is all about," Rodriguez said.

Ben & Jerry's launched the new flavor this week to take a stand against President Donald Trump's policies, hoping to inspire ice cream lovers to get out and vote.

For Rodriguez, an activist and a daughter of immigrants, the collaboration was a perfect fit.

"We are seeing the very fabric that holds us together become very divisive and we're also seeing a president who outright lies," Rodriguez said.

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