An Eagle At 85

It took a family tragedy and a world war to stop George Maher from becoming an Eagle Scout. It took a concerned co-worker, more than sixty years later, to set things right.

This story originally published January, 9, 2013

George Maher was in a rush to become an Eagle Scout.

The year was 1944 and George was a sixteen-year-old who had signed up to join the Navy to fight in World War II. Still, George wanted to get that Eagle Scout badge before he shipped out.

He had completed all the necessary work, gotten all the necessary merit badges to qualify. All that was left was his board of review hearing.

The hearing was scheduled for March 10, 1944. It started, but it never ended. George's mother burst into the room to tell him his father was gravely ill and they had to get to the hospital immediately. He left without saying a word.

George went on to serve his country, get married, raise a family, even volunteer for the Boy Scouts.Those who know him say he always acted like an Eagle Scout, but George knew he wasn't.

It wasn't until he told his story to Mark Manchester of the Pacific Skyline Council that the wheels started in motion to recognize George for what he accomplished so long ago.

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