Peninsula Plans to Toll Any City Toll Plan

Anything you can do San Francisco, the Peninsula plans to do bigger.

Some San Mateo County leaders are threatening to to respond to any tolls the City might start charging for out-of-towners entering San Francisco streets with tolls of their own.

While San Francisco is considering several different proposals, the most popular of the plans calls for motorists to be charged $3 for entering the City’s northeast corridor, which stretches north from Fisherman’s Wharf, south to the Mission district and west to the lower Pacific Heights.

The idea is to reduce traffic while generating $60 to $80 million for the financially-strapped city. But some politicians on the Peninsula feels the plan unfairly targets its residents and they don't plan on taking any possible toll lightly.

Some leaders are threatening to charge a daily $12 toll to enter the Peninsula from the north if San Francisco moves ahead with its plan.

The San Francisco Board of Supervisors is scheduled to vote on whether the City should study the matter Tuesday.

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