Peninsula Police Departments Crack Down on Distracted Driving

Police departments in the Peninsula are joining forces to crack down on distracted drivers.

Officers from Burlingame, San Mateo and Foster City spent Tuesday looking for drivers texting, checking e-mails and social media. Police said drivers could still get a citation even if they were checking a map.

"Everybody thinks now that as soon as they say they're using it as a GPS that it's not a violation," said Brett Murphy of the Burlingame Police Department. "But a Fresno court ruling was when you're stopped a red light and you're looking at your cell phone or electronic mobile device for the purpose of the map only it's not a violation."

Police said as soon as the car is in motion it is a violation of California law.

Tuesday's enforcement was funded by a grant from the Office of Traffic Safety. The enforcement focused on San Mateo and Foster City, with the goal of reducing traffic collisions.

Police said a citation for a first offense could cost $167.

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