Peninsula Teen Recognized for Fight Against Hunger

At the same time millions of people in America go hungry for lack of food, billions of pounds of food goes wasted for lack of people to eat it. Kiran Sridhar thinks that is appalling. He is also doing something about it.

It was something he saw, and something he heard, that moved Kiran Sridhar into action.

What the 15-year-old high school sophomore from Woodside saw, were the hundreds of people lined up each day along San Francisco's Ellis Street, waiting for a free meal from Glide Memorial Church.

What Kiran heard, were the facts about food waste in the United States: a Rose Bowl worth of food thrown away each and every day.

The fact that in the United States there were millions of people in need of food and billions of pounds of food in need of people, seemed, to Kiran, to be a problem worth solving.

Waste No Food is Kiran's attempt. In a short amount of time, Waste No Food has made possible the donations of more than 30,000 meals for the hungry, and has some people saying that Kiran is on the way to changing the world.

To see how Kiran is doing it, watch Garvin Thomas' story above.

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