Evacuees Return to Bay Area After Coronavirus Quarantine in Southern California

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A Bay Area woman and her teenage daughter have returned home to the Bay Area after two weeks in a coronavirus quarantine at an airbase in Southern California.

The mom and daughter were among 195 people evacuated to March Air Reserve Base in Riverside from Wuhan, China, late last month -- one of six quarantine sites across the country.

"The CDC just cleared all the quarantined members, giving us documentation that proves we are healthy," said Esther Tebeka, former quarantined evacuee.

A Bay Area woman and her teenage daughter are heading home after two weeks in quarantine at an airbase in Southern California. Jodi Hernandez reports.

Tebeka and her 15-year-old daughter on Tuesday headed back home to Palo Alto after the three-week quarantine -- first in Wuhan, where they were visiting family, then at March Air Reserve Base.

The mother and daughter, along with 193 other evacuees, got the all clear on Tuesday.

Tebeka's husband picked her and their daughter up to drive them home. He said the past three weeks have been terrifying as he feared the worst.

"When I saw my daughter running toward me I was so relieved," Haim Tebeka said.

At Travis Air Force Base in Fairfield, 234 others are still being monitored. Hundreds of others at bases across the country are waiting to complete their 14-day quarantines. Five evacuees at Travis Air Force Base have come down with coronavirus symptoms and test results are expected soon.

"We prayed to God everyone would be healthy and I think God has answered our prayers," Esther Tebeka said.

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