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Millbrae Residents Concerned With Flooding As More Rain Approaches

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Monday allowed for calm after a heavy Christmas weekend storm and gave people time to dry out and determine what damage was left behind.

In Millbrae, neighbors are once again suffering the consequences of heavy storm and are dealing with their homes under water. They are now demanding someone takes responsibility for the problem.

"The water is sewage water. So you're getting rain water, creek water," explained Millbrae resident Eva Erwyn. "You're getting bugs. You're getting mud."

Erwyn has lived on the same street for 28 years and said when rain is this heavy and constant, it's pretty much a given she and her neighbors will be flooded despite all their efforts to stop it.

A major winter caused whiteout conditions and closed key highways amid blowing snow in the mountains of Northern California and Nevada, Sergio Quintana and Rob Mayeda report.

"The sewer infrastructure is deficient and it can't handle the water load," she said.

Six large storm drain pipes dump water directly into the canal right behind Eva's home, but its poor design means things back up quickly and flood the neighborhood.

"It happened the 24th, the 25th and yesterday," said resident Victor Barfield. "It's supposed to rain again though too."

When the next round of rain arrives this week, residents expect it will happen again.

"I'm extremely concerned because we never know how it's goin to affect us," Erwyn said.

There's ongoing debate about who is responsible for managing the drainage system.

Some say its maintained by the city while others are supposed to be managed by the airport.

NBC Bay Area reached out to both asking what they're doing to help the neighborhood, but no answers have been received.

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