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San Mateo County Gives Green Light to Administer Booster Shots to Adults

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San Mateo County joined Santa Clara County Friday in approving COVID-19 booster shots for any adults, officials confirmed.

The booster will be available for any adult who has waited at least six months since their last COVID-19 vaccine.

This recent decision means more potential immunity, but also more people competing for appointments.

Redwood City resident Doug Imura just found out he now qualifies for a booster shot and thinks "more people should do it so we can end this nightmare that we're going through."

San Mateo County Supervisor David Canepa said "every county should embrace 18 plus," and emphasized that with winter coming, there's a high possibility of another COVID-19 surge.

"I mean, look, there's a lot at stake here. We've been through this before," he said. "It's wintertime, its getting cold and what do people typically do? holidays, parties, get together."

Dr. Monica Gandhi, UCSF infectious disease expert, said she doesn't think the boosters are all that necessary if you're otherwise fully vaccinated. However, she agrees its an extra layer of protection.

"What it does is it temporarily increases your antibodies," she said. "It will make your nose - which is the primary entry point for the virus - less likely to see the virus and though we haven't shown this yet, it's theoretical, you're less likely to transmit it."

Imura said that's enough to get him to sign up for his booster shot.

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