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People Protest Police Brutality at Vallejo City Council Meeting

A packed Vallejo City Council meeting ended abruptly Tuesday after family members of people who were shot and killed by Vallejo police officers demanded justice.

People asked city lawmakers to bring in the state attorney general to investigate the police department’s use of force policy.

"That’s all we ever hear is you fear for your safety fear for your life. These loved ones are being shot in the back as they run away or on the ground when they are no threat at all," said Jamilia Land from California Families United 4 Justice.

Many in the meeting used the police shooting of young rapper Willie McCoy as a reason to why the department needs help.

McCoy, 21, was shot and killed by Vallejo police in a Taco Bell on Feb. 9, where police has discovered him unresponsive with a gun in his lap.

Last week, city leaders hired former Oakland Police Chief Howard Jordan as a consultant for the department.

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