Two People in Critical Condition After Being Rescued From Wrecked BMW in Oakland Hills

Multiple people were pulled from the wreckage of a BMW that plowed through a fence and crashed into a tree in the Oakland Hills early Friday morning.

Emergency crews responded to reports of a single-car crash on Redwood Road and Skyline Boulevard around 3:25 a.m., police said. Four people had been traveling in the vehicle, which flipped over during the accident, they said.

One passenger was ejected from the car, but the driver and the remaining passengers were trapped in the mangled sedan. It took emergency crews more than an hour to pull them out.

Two people sufffered minor injuries, while the others were more severely hurt.

As of Friday afternoon, all four people are said to be stable, although two of them are still in critical condition.

Police said that driving at an unsafe speed appears to have contributed to the accident. It remains unknown whether drugs or alcohol played a role. 

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