PETA Builds Campaign Around Microwave Baby Death

The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals has never been accused of having good taste when it comes to its publicity stunts.

The animal rights activists have employed everything from throwing red paint on fur-wearing celebrities to parading women naked around city streets.

But the organization's latest stunt in Sacramento may be crossing the line further than many of its previous stunts.

The organization is reportedly planning to erect a billboard in Sacramento featuring a person putting a pork chop into a microwave next to a picture of a mother pig that reads "Everybody's Somebody's Baby. Go Vegan."

On the surface the billboard may not be that shocking but the fact that it is going up in a city that just days ago had its authorities arrest a 29-year-old mother for allegedly killing her 6-week-old daughter by putting her in the microwave.

PETA told SFist it is not insensitive to the horrific story of a mother killing her child in such horrible fashion.

"We're horrified at the thought of microwaving a helpless baby and hope that this billboard will open hearts and minds to the grief of other mothers who have their babies torn away from them simply to satisfy humans' fleeting taste sensations," PETA founder Ingrid E. Newkirk said. "All infants, not just our own, deserve protection, and pigs, like cows and other animals, mourn the loss of their young when they are taken away to be eaten."

Still the analogy of warming up a pork chop to a human baby may not sit well with most.

This is not the first time PETA has tried to get their message out using the microwaved baby move.

Back in May, the organization attempted to erect the same billboard in Dayton, OH, following the conviction of China  Arnold, whose daughter was found dead in a microwave in 2005.

Ultimately, the advertising company decided not to post the ad in Ohio.

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