San Francisco

Pete Davidson Holds SF Comedy Show–But Makes Attendees Sign $1M Agreement for Entry

Comedian Pete Davidson put on a show Wednesday in San Francisco—but ticketholders weren’t allowed in unless they signed a non-disclosure agreement with a $1 million penalty if broken.

Some attendees said that locking up your cell phone and signing a document that says you won’t share any part of the show on social media is just part of seeing a live show these days.

But when NBC Bay Area’s Jean Elle pointed out the hefty penalty for violating the agreement, some people were surprised.

Some said it’s a great way to protect material. Others said it’s not realistic.

“I think he’s doing the right thing personally,” said fan Grant Menoliscino. “He wants to stop people from—you can’t get offended. You can’t walk out and talk about it and get all mad, so this is an extra bit to keep you from doing that.”

But other fans disagreed. “That’s insane, that’s not a feasible situation,” another fan said.

The show lasted about 40 minutes, and fans said he did mention the non-disclosure agreement. Davidson told the crowd he saw an article written about it, and that these types of agreements wouldn’t be necessary if people would stop leaking footage.

Fans who did not want to sign the agreement could get a refund, but it appeared nobody took that option.

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