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Petition Aims to Move Sexually Violent Predator Out of Concord

Concord police were notified Monday that 52-year-old Robert Bates, a man classified as a sexually violent predator, was being discharged and released under supervision but on transient status in Contra Costa County.

A petition is now circulating to move a sexually violent predator out of Concord.

Residents are upset after a superior county judge released 52-year-old Robert Bates into the East Bay community. Bates has a history of sexual violence toward minors.

"It wasn't Concord's decision to have him here," Concord Police Cpl. Chris Blakely said. "Obviously we're against it."

A superior court judge ruled Bates had to be released from a state hospital to Contra Costa County by March 21. The state department overseeing the hospitals notified Concord city officials that Bates would live on a short-term basis at motels around the city.

Bates will be under constant supervision by Liberty Healthcare and police will be able to track him with an ankle bracelet.

Police said they have received calls from residents who have already seen Bates walking around downtown. But since he is currently not wanted for any crimes, there is not much officers can do.

"Unless he is acting with some sort of criminal behavior, there's no reason to contact police to notify us that he's in downtown Concord or anywhere else in the city," Blakely said.

Bates is considered a transient and will have to check in with police every 30 days.

The Concord Police Department intends to work with the county to hopefully move Bates elsewhere.

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