Petition Seeks Details on Allegations of Sexual Assault from a Presentation High School Teacher

Graduates of Presentation High School have launched a petition demanding their alma mater to release more details on the sexual misconduct allegations made on a former teacher after an alumna published her story in the Washington Post.

The current principal at Presentation High, Mary Miller, explained in an e-mail shared with parents and alumna that the school acknowledged the allegations and that an investigation was conducted 25 years ago on the former teacher. According to Miller, due to privacy and confidentiality, she cannot disclose the details or the outcome of the investigation.

The teacher accused of sexual assault has been long retired from Presentation High School and died last October.

The petition started last month after Kathryn Leehane wrote an opinion piece in the Washington Post entitled, “When the Legal System Fails Sexual Misconduct Victims – We Have to Find Our Own Closure.”

In the piece, Leehane shared a moment when the former teacher made her recite a poem, “’You must feel the longing here,’ He slid his hand down and lifted my hand to my left breast. ‘You must feel the desire in your heart.’”

According to Leehane, she wasn’t the only one to report the sexual misconduct on the same teacher.

The petition expressed concerns about the response students received from the administrators and are asking Principal Miller for the following:

• An independent investigation into all the allegations of abuse by the teacher in his 20-year tenure.
• A public apology in form of an open letter.
• Appropriate consequences against anyone who was aware of these accusations and nothing.
• A substantial monetary pledge towards charities that work with survivors of sexual assault.

The authors of the petition are hoping to receive a response within 90 days of when it was first posted.

NBC Bay Area has reached out to Principal Miller as well as spokespeople for Presentation High School and have yet to receive a response.

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