Petition Urges Belmont to Improve Dangerous Road

A popular road on the Peninsula is dividing a town.

Ralston Avenue connects Highway 101 and Interstate 280. The Mayor of Belmont said 35,000 cars travel on the road daily.

Drivers, pedestrians and bicyclists agree it is a dangerous road that needs safety improvements, but they don't agree on the fix.

Mike Swire started a petition urging the city council to act after a friend was hit by a car.

"It's not a family friendly road at this point," Swire said.

The speed limit on Ralston rises and falls, lanes come and go and so do bike lanes. Pedestrians said drivers travel way too fast, while drivers said there are too many cars and the variety of conditions can be confusing.

Hundreds of people are signing on to Swire's petition.

Swire has a suggestion: "Give me a bike lane and I get out of your way so you can get where you need to go."

Mara Langer, who was hit by a car on Ralston Avenue, has another, "If there was a crosswalk there with blinking lights people would know to stop or at least slow down."

The city council hired a firm to conduct a traffic study that is expected to be completed later this summer. Belmont's mayor is expecting some spirited debate, but says changes are down the road for Ralston Avenue and the people who use it.

View a full report from Jean Elle by clicking the play button on the video above.

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