PG&E to Begin Building New Electric, Gas Lines in Fire-Ravaged North Bay Neighborhood

Nearly six months since the deadly North Bay wildfires ignited, PG&E crews on Monday will start the process of building new underground electric and gas lines in the leveled Coffey Park neighborhood of Santa Rosa.

After the fires, PG&E put up temporary power lines so customers could have electricity to begin the rebuilding process where restoration wasn’t possible.

On Monday, they will begin to replace electric and gas lines, something they call a milestone.

“Now that we’ve coordinated a plan with the city and other utilities, we can begin this next phase in helping rebuild Santa Rosa,” said Marty Sunday, electric superintendent of PG&E’s Sonoma Division.

Santa Rosa residents like Scot Wise, who lost his home in October after disastrous wildfires swept through the region, say they are excited and hopeful.

“We’re not in a hurry because we want it done right, not quickly,” said Scot Wise.

PG&E is shooting to have the work done by the end of October.

“Signs up in the neighborhood say by the end of the year, but our goal is by Halloween,” said Deanna Contreras from PG&E.

The power lines are being looked at as a possible cause of the fire that ripped through Santa Rosa, but PG&E out-of-state investigations haven’t determined the cause.

“It is a step but make no mistake, it’s going to be a long process,” said Wise. 

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