Phelps Up for Highest Bidder

Cereal boxes for sale on eBay

It seems the interest in mega-Olympian Michael Phelps is not waning, despite the negative press he's had lately.

The flub that got him dropped as a product spokesman for Kellogg's landed him on eBay.

After a picture of Phelps smoking marijuana from a bong came out, the company decided they didn't want him representing them. Problem was, they had already printed cereal boxes bearing the all-time winningest Olympian's face.

Tons of the cereal was donated to The San Francisco Food Bank but some of the boxes are also now being sold on eBay.

A search of "Michael Phelps" on eBay turns up at least 10 results. The cereal boxes feature the athlete's face on Kellogg's Corn Flakes and Frosted Flakes.

At last check just before noon Thursday, bids ranged from $7 to $19.99.

Phelps has won 14 career Olympic gold medals, the most by any Olympian.

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