Photos From J&T Logging Truck Fire

6 photos
Fire investigators believe the fire started in the engine's exhaust treatment system.
Getty Images/EFE/NBC
On February 9, 2016, Kieth Daniels’ 2009 Peterbilt truck ignited at a rest stop while the truck was undergoing a particulate filter cleaning process called regeneration
Getty Images
View of the truck’s diesel particulate filter underneath the cabin.
Rear view of the driver’s seat and burnt dashboard. Kieth’s son Jason says the back pressure from the fire was so powerful, it blew out all of the truck’s windows.
Coils from the mattress where Kieth Daniels often slept in his truck’s cabin.
Remnants of the diesel particulate filter cleaning system. The cleaning process clears out excess soot by shooting fire into the filter that burns the particles into a fine ash.
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