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‘Piano & a Microphone' — Prince's Last Tweet

Prince transcended funk, rock and R&B in a career that lasted more than 35 years

Prince was active on his Twitter feed until April 18 — three days before his death — despite fighting the flu, sending out social media missives about his "Piano & a Microphone" tour and his support for Record Store Day.

His love for music, life, musicians and his friends are obvious from his prolific tweets, which he also used to interact with his fans, for whom he was nothing less than the “coolest person in the galaxy.”

One of the last tweets from Prince’s Twitter account was an April 18 link to his personal curation of tracks; his Purple Pick of the Week was “Black Sweat,” an unreleased live version of his Grammy-nominated song from his 2006 album, 3121.

On April 17, he tweeted out a photo of a “Wrecka Stow Dress,” saying “With Fam Like this, you can’t miss.” “Wrecka Stow” was used by Prince to describe record stores in his directorial debut "Under The Cherry Moon."

On April 16, Record Store Day, Prince tweeted out a photo of people enjoying a “Paisley Park After Dark” dance party at his recording studios at Paisley Park, Minnesota, the same place he was found dead Thursday. “To give thanks for the good weather and for all the love and support,” his tweet said.

The Minneapolis Star Tribune reported that he made a less-than-5-minute appearance at the party to prove that he was doing fine, and at one point even summoned security to deal with a fan who took his picture. The fan was allowed to stay.

His last tweet on 18th contained only a picture from his "Piano & a Microphone" tour and a link to the Electric Fetus, a Minneapolis record store.

Fans, especially those in the Bay Area, loved Prince on Twitter, too.

When he attended a March 4 Warriors game at the Oracle Arena in Oakland, many in the crowd tweeted out photos of the pop icon donning dark sunglasses, holding a cane and smiling from the sidelines. The pop music legend was in Oakland and San Francisco, first in February to perform at a pair of sold-out concerts at the Paramount Theatre, and then again for a surprise show at the Oracle Arena in March. He also showed up unannounced at the 1015 nightclub in San Francisco.

But Prince wasn't simply to be held to express himself in 140 characters.

About a month ago, Prince announced that he was going to publish a memoir, with the working title “The Beautiful Ones,” after a performance at a nightclub in New York City. "You all still read books, right?" he asked the crowd at the Manhattan club Avenue."We're starting right at the beginning from my first memory, and hopefully we can move all the way to the Super Bowl. We just started, we're going as quick as we can, working tirelessly."

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