Pier 70 Revitalization Project Moves 153-Ton Building 200 Feet

Witness the engineering marvel of a 153-ton building structure being moved as part of the new waterfront neighborhood construction at Pier 70 in San Francisco.

The structure is longer than a 767 airplane and heavier than 150 Volkswagens and it's to be moved 200 feet in one piece.

Building 15 sat on a historic World War II shipyard and workers stripped it down to its frame, lifted it in one piece and wheeled it about 200 feet away Wednesday.

The building was moved because of the rising sea level and eventually a new waterfront neighborhood will be built in its spot.

"This is going to be the site of one of the most exciting new, dramatic waterfront parks in all of San Francisco," former San Francisco Mayor Art Agnos said in 2014.

Agnos served as a major voice speaking out in favor of the Prop B campaign which required any waterfront project seeking an exemption to the 40-foot height limits to go on the ballot.

The Pier 70 Waterfront Site will feature new affordable housing, waterfront parks, space for artists and local manufacturing, and rehabilitated historic buildings, officials said.

Resident Alison Sullivan was excited at the prospect of having public access to the area's waterfront for the first time in over a century.

"I'm raising children in this neighborhood," Sullivan said. "I would like nothing more than for them to get in touch with the history of where they’re growing up."

The city of San Francisco approved the project last November and workers broke ground in May.

Project to Develop SF's Pier 70 Needs Voter Approval

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