Shoreline Slide Causes Pier Collapse at Oakland Estuary

Crews late Friday were working to retrieve shipping containers that fell into the water at the Oakland Estuary after a pier collapsed.

Oakland Fire Department Capt. Sean Laffan said 300 feet of shoreline slid into the estuary, pushing the pier out and causing it to collapse. The incident occurred at about 4:30 p.m. and no injuries were reported.

Crews deployed a boom to contain the debris and spill.

Four shipping containers that were on the pier fell into the water. Laffan said the containers were filled with various construction material, including electrical cord. None of the items in the containers are believed to be hazardous materials.

The incident is at the construction site of the Brooklyn Basin, a 3,100-unit housing development along the Embarcadero. Mike Ghilmetti, one of the developers for the site, said the collapse occurred on an old portion of a platform that was scheduled to be demolished.

Ghilmetti added portions of the deck are being retrofitted, with other areas set to be demolished.

The Coast Guard also responded to the scene.

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