Pillow Fight Set for Downtown San Jose

It's Feathers of Fury... part 4.

Ready, set... Pillow fight!

Downtown San Jose's answer to the annual pillow fight at San Francisco's Ferry Plaza is scheduled for Sunday at noon, according to the Feathers of Fury's Facebook page.

Just where the flailing and bashing of feathers will go down has yet to be determined. But know this: it's going to happen.

Here's the skinny: to engage in the downtown San Jose Valentine's Day tradition, which has visited Cesar Chavez Park, City Hall, and the Circle of Palms in the past, head down to the San Jose Repertory Theatre at noon. Discard glasses and bring a soft pillow -- and then wait for the air horn.

Follow the horn to find the field of feathered fury -- and then swing away.

Some warnings: "This is not a little kids event," organizers say. And: "If you don't like it... just walk across the street."

That said, they invite one and all to "TELL EVERYONE ABOUT THE PILLOW FIGHT!" So, you've got your marching orders.

Organizers say they'll have garbage bags and latex gloves handy to help collect all feathery detritus afterwards. Clean up following a similar event in San Francisco two years ago was estimated to have cost around $5,000.

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