Pillow Fight San Jose Style

San Jose gets a jump on the fighting Sunday at high noon.

The good folks of San Jose got in on the pillow fight fun this year. A rogue sub-group formed in the South Bay in 2011 and decided that feathers could fly just as easy in the Bay Area's largest city.

Every year for the past six years (and about this time of year), the "Great American Slumber Party" has been held in San Francisco.

But this year, San Jose got a one day jump on the fun. It announced midnight Saturday that the pillow fight in San Jose would go down at high noon at Ceasar Chavez Park outside the Fairmont Hotel.

Folks donning tutus, gorila suits, and santa outfits showed up with their feathery weopons of choice, reports the Mercury News.

"A panda just hit me!" one pillow-wielding man called out as the crowd of revelers, hemmed in by park benches, smacked each other from behind, above and beside.

"I have a hangover from last night, so I figured my head was already hurting," said Katy Medeiros, 47, of Mountain View, who was pulling feathers out of her hair and eye lashes just four minutes after her first thwomp from a pillow. "It's controlled lunacy, isn't it?"

San Francisco's event is at Justin Herman Plaza at 6 p.m. on Valentine's Day.

Below is some footage from today's San Jose fight:

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