Pillow Fighters Undaunted by Rain

If you needed any further proof that love conquers all, look no further than an annual Valentine's Day tradition that went on Monday night despite gloomy weather.

Every year, San Franciscans gather at Justin Herman Plaza on the Embarcadero for a pillow fight at 6pm. And yesterday was no different, if a bit soggier than usual. In fact, it seems to be spreading, and this year drew guests from surrounding towns, according to the Ex.

San Jose hosted a similar event at Cesar Chavez Plaza on Sunday, according to the Merc.

That one was more of a costume-themed event, with participants dressing up. Many of the participants were affiliated with the San Jose Bike Party, a group of loosely-organized cyclists who host a similarly informal monthly gatherings.

Cleanups continue to be an issue at events like these. Wet weather makes the feathers and debris harder to clean, and cities have been stuck with bills in the tens of thousands of dollars to remove litter after the fights. It's particularly challenging in San Francisco, where a nearby fountain has gotten clogged in the past by feathery debris.

But after big messes in past years, participants are now taking some responsibility for the mess. At San Jose's fight, people brought brooms and bags to pick up their litter. In San Francisco, an organization that collects pillows for pet shelters planned to gather leftover pillows.

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