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Pilot Program for Clipper-Only Sales Arrives at Embarcadero Station

Starting Monday, paper tickets will no longer be available for purchase at the Embarcadero station in San Francisco.

The elimination of paper ticket sales from the Embarcadero station is part of a four-station pilot program BART launched this summer to encourage riders to use Clipper cards.

Next, the agency will phase out paper ticket sales at the Powell Street station on Sept. 3, and the Downtown Berkeley station on Sept. 24.

Customers will still be able to use and reload paper tickets at those stations, but BART's goal is to completely transition to Clipper system-wide by next year.

BART officials say the benefits of Clipper cards include reduced paper waste, easier payment for parking, and shorter lines at fare gates because paper tickets can get jammed.

Switching to Clipper may also save passengers some money, because adult riders incur a 50-cent surcharge when they buy a paper ticket, according to BART.

Clipper and BART staff will hand out free Clipper cards at the Embarcadero station from Monday until Wednesday.

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