Pit Bull Shot Dead After Attacking Concord Police Dog: Police

While serving a search and arrest warrant in Oakley on Saturday, Concord police say they shot and killed a pit bull after the dog lunged at an officer and bit one of the K-9s at the scene. 

The department announced in a Facebook post that Hancock, the German shepherd K-9, was recovering from bites to the neck and leg. Pictures showed the dog with visible bite marks and chunks of fur missing. 

The pit bull apparently had broken free from its collar when it charged at Hancock and officers, according to the post. 

"It is unfortunate, but one of our officers had to shoot the pit bull to prevent further injury or death to Hancock and possible injury to our officers," the post said.

While pit bulls have a tragic history of being bred for dog fighting, the ASPCA notes that not all are inherently dangerous.

"While a dog’s genetics may predispose it to behave in certain ways, genetics do not exist in a vacuum," a lengthy post on the ASPCA website reads. "Rather, behavior develops through a complex interaction between environment and genetics ... all dogs, including pit bulls, are individuals."

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