Pitch Your Idea On Facebook, Win $100,000

Intel's plan to find entrepreneurs.

Intel was once a startup, so was Facebook.  Now, the two tech giants are combining forces to try and find the  next big thing. 

If you've got the idea, they'll pay for it.

Intel just launched what it calls "Intel Innovators," a platform on Facebook that lets you, the entrepreneur that you are, share your earth-shattering business ideas.  If chosen, you'll haul in $100,000.

The target, according to Intel, is 18-24 year olds who have great ideas.  If you think about the companies started by people in that age group, you'll realize that Intel is onto something here.  The company says it won't take an equity stake in the winning idea/company - the money just goes to you.  Intel does say the winners are "on the radar" for future investments, but no pressure.

Because the ideas are pitched on Facebook, the ideas can grow fans as well as get feedback - just the kind of things an entrepreneur wants as he or she builds an idea into a product.

If this works, look for more "Innovator" -- like contests, and look for them to be on social networks like Facebook.

Scott, sadly, is beyond the age range for this.  His ideas are on Twitter:  @scottbudman

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