Pizza Worth the Wait

Bay Area foodie reviews Pizzeria Delfina

I confess. When I finally got around to trying out Pizzeria Delfina, I almost changed my mind because of the long line. How good can this pizza be? I thought.

Really good, it turns out. Stupendous, even.

By the time I was seated at Pizzeria Delfina’s Mission location, I was practically salivating at all the menu options. I couldn’t decide what to order so my friendly and informative waiter helped me out. I’d heard rave reviews about the Napoletana, and I started with that.

Served with tomatoes, anchovies, capers, hot peppers, olives and oregano, the toppings are blanketed with a very light layer of cheese. The crust was slightly charred, paper thin and crispy.

Next, I tried the Salsiccia.

I loved this pizza, which is really a feat given that I usually don’t like bell peppers and onions on my pies. The fennel sausage added a hit of indulgent meatiness to an otherwise healthy pizza.

Pizzeria Delfina adds a raw egg to the center of its pizzas in the final stage of cooking if you request it, and that’s probably what I’ll try on my next visit. That, and their appetizers, which I’ve heard are in a league of their own.

The line at Pizzeria Delfina may be off-putting, but it’s well worth the wait. I know I’m going back for seconds.

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