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Plan Your Vote: Conservatives in Bay Area Focus on Local, State Issues

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California has a history of going blue in presidential elections, but there are conservative voters in the Bay Area, and NBC Bay Area discussed with some what’s driving them to the polls and whether they are concerned about a possible transition of power.

The conservative voters said they will still vote for President Trump, though it’s expected that all of California’s 55 electoral votes will go to Joe Biden.

California by political party is 45% registered Democrats, 24% registered Republican and 23% no party preference.

In the Bay Area, the highest concentrations of Republican voters are in Solano and Contra Costa counties, and the lowest are in San Francisco and Alameda counties.

Trump lost California by 4 million votes in 2016, but he still comes to the state and the Bay Area to raise money. And supporters show up to welcome him.

But with several issues on the ballot related to taxes, real estate and social change, Republican voters say they feel their voices can be heard at the state and local levels.

Voters who spoke with NBC Bay Area were split on whether or not they expect a peaceful transfer of power:

One voter said: "I don’t agree with everything he says, but something like that I think there’ll be a peaceful transfer."

Another said: "I fear it won't go as peacefully as it should."

The National Guard already is working the election – behind the scenes – monitoring cybersecurity, and they’re working in plain clothes in states that needed more poll workers.

Governors in those states can activate the guard if violence erupts beyond what local law enforcement can handle.

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