Planned Parenthood Wants Your Condom to Check-in

The non-profit organization sent college students 55,000 QR coded condoms.

In the age of social-networking, it's not hard to share too much. But a digital marketing campaign by Planned Parenthood may have gone too far.

The non-profit reproductive health organization began a campaign on Valentine's Day where it sent out 55,000 condoms to college campuses across the country.

These were not just any condoms, these were custom fitted rubbers with scannable QR codes that allow users to check in when they are about to use them.

Think of it as the Foursquare of condoms.

So far the condoms have been used in 48 of the 50 states, or at least people have checked in in at least 48 states.

Once users scan the QR code on the condom, it registers on the site

The site features a map that registers the check ins and shows the demographics of those wearing and scanning them.

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