Playboy: Bite This San Francisco Treat

Men's mag rates Vietnamese sandwich one of best in the country

A handheld meal from tiny sandwich shop in a bad part of town in San Francisco is getting a thumbs up from Playboy.

While most men scan the site for buns of a different type, offers a list to please the most basic need: hunger.

The men's magazine rated the America's Best Sandwiches and found one of them at Saigon Sandwich in the Tenderloin.

Here's a bite of the review:

Is it possible one of the best sandwiches in America could be a Vietnamese import that costs less than three bucks? Just ask anyone who has ever tried the Banh Mi at this San Francisco hole-in-the-wall. Located in the Tenderloin District in the middle of a seedy block that’s popular with tranny hookers, Saigon Sandwich serves up a hand-held meal so shockingly good that even Pacific Heights housewives in their Manolo Blahniks risk stepping on a used syringe or condom for a taste.

A worker at Saigon Sandwiches told us the Banh Mi is one of the most sold sandwiches at the shop but she she didn't know about Playboy's push for tasty treat yet. She said they don't have an Internet connection.

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