Gillian Edevane

Photo May Have Captured One of Pleasanton's Most Notorious Ghosts

Rumor has it, the woman has been haunting Pleasanton since her grisly death in 1870.

According to Pleasanton town lore, there's a ghost woman who haunts the Museum on Main and the city streets. Rumor has it an angry customer murdered the unnamed "lady of the night" in 1870, and she's been lurking around ever since, scaring residents and town visitors alike.

Now, some residents believe the infamous ghost-woman has been caught on camera.

During a tour of the Museum on Main's annual haunted house, a visitor snapped what some are saying is photographic evidence of the ghoulish lady. The photo shows one of the museum's actresses standing in front of a mirror, with an odd apparition behind her.

Reporters from the neighborhood website Patch heard about the mysterious photo and tried to recreate the photo the next day, but it couldn't be done.

So, could the odd blur be the murdered lady? Sound off in the comments. 

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