‘Pokemon Go' is Back – This Time With Apple's Augmented Reality

“It’s one of those, you remember where you were," said Apple executive Greg Joswiak, about when he first downloaded Pokemon Go.

You probably remember the massive Niantic hit game, where hundreds of thousands of people walked all over creation to snag digital creatures.

Now, Pokemon Go is back. And this time, Apple has a bigger stake.

The Apple “ARKit” is being used on the iOS version of the new P-Go update, and the results are pretty cool.

Weather, for example, now affects the game.

“The Pokemon you encounter and the way they behave changes depending on the weather outside,” said Niantic CEO John Hanke. “If it's raining, or foggy, or snowy."

It may add a touch of the digital world to your game, but it’s also coming to your life.

"You can aim your iPhone at a building,” said Joswiak, “and say, what is that building, and information will pop up about it .. you can look at your living room and put a couch down."

So far, AR has more consumer (if not gaming) opportunities than its sexier cousin, virtual reality, but it’s still early.

For now, you can give AR a try: The Pokemon Go update is available Thursday, with ARKit for iPhones, without ARKit for Android phones.

(Note: Google is working on AR, too, so that should be out in the near future for you Pokemon hunters.)

Happy searching.

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