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Man Apparently Shot, Killed While Driving in Contra Costa County: Deputies

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A man was apparently shot and killed while driving in Contra Costa County Wednesday afternoon, police said.

The apparent shooting happened at about 1 p.m. on Taylor Boulevard near the Lafayette-Pleasant Hill border.

Kristina McCann said she drove up behind a car stopped on Taylor Boulevard and saw a man standing by the driver's open door. She said she thought he was trying to push the car, but moments later, the man jumped into another car and sped off.

As McCann got closer, she realized a man, identified as 20-year-old Basel Jilani, in the car had been shot.

"The door was wide open and there was a man in the driver seat and he was slumped over at a pretty uncomfortable angle," she said. "I don't think right away that we realized it was a shooting. And then there was a man there who said, 'He's been shot. He's been shot.'"

McCann said she called 911 but couldn't get through.

"Several neighbors had heard shots and came running to help," said McCann, but added that those who stopped to help were also unsuccessful.

McCann called her father, a retired emergency room doctor, and he walked her through how to help Jilani, who McCann said had been shot in the chest.

McCann's father told her to get Jilani out of the car and lay him on the street to help with air flow.

The Contra Costa County Sheriff's Department said that when deputies showed up, bystanders were trying to help the the 20-year-old but he eventually died at the scene.

McCann said she did not get a detailed look at the person seen fleeing the scene. She only said he appeared to be a man. Deputies said he is still outstanding.

Pleasant Hill police asked the public to avoid the area of Taylor Boulevard between Grayson Road and Withers Avenue due to police activity but did not immediately provide any additional details.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the Sheriff’s Office Investigation Division at 925-313-2600 or through Sheriff’s Office dispatch at 925-646-2441.

This is a developing story. Details may change as more information becomes available. Stay tuned for updates.

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