Cops Can't ID Body with Peninsula Connection

Man may have Palo Alto sisters

Monterey County Sheriffs deputies are looking for a man who has a whole lot of names, but not one that exists outside of his criminal history.

The unidentified man was knocked to the ground and struck the back of his head the day after Christmas. He died from the injury.

"John Doe," as deputies called him, didn't have any ID on him or in his possessions. His fingerprint records showed he had used multiple identities and social security numbers at different times.

Doe, who is about 60 years old and is possibly Fijian or "Asian Indian," has a history of mental illness, investigators said.

The man possibly has two sisters in the Palo Alto area, detectives said. He also might have children, they said.

The man has used the names: Dennis Davis, Mohammed Kahn, Dennis May, Dean Els, Dimple Elen, Jona Sures, Dona Elvis, Dennis Syonney, Dan Moore, Dan Syonney, Neelam Singh, Ben Ellis, Deniese Dulares, and Danny Presley. 

It is unknown if any of the names are his true name. 

The man had a tattoo on his upper right arm of an eagle. He also had a tattoo on his right forearm of a shield with 007 above it, and below the shield, a star with an arrow through it.

Anyone who might know the man is asked to contact the Monterey County Coroner’s Office at 831-755-3792.

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