Police Commander, Well Known P.I. Under Arrest

Dept. of Justice says tip lead to arrests.

News of an arrest of the police commander and a private investigator came as a shock to their friends and colleagues, according to NBC Bay Area's Jodi Hernandez.

According to the state Department of Justice Cmdr. Norman Wielsch was arrested Wednesday morning on suspicion of  distributing marijuana, methamphetamine and steroids. Wielsch has been with the state justice department's Bureau of Narcotic Enforcement for the past 12 years and  supervised the local drug task force.  Investigators told Hernandez that Wielsch is excused of taking drugs from his evidence locker.
The second suspect, 49-year-old Concord resident Christopher Butler, was also arrested and booked into county jail on similar charges. Butler is a well known private investigator. He has been featured on NBC Bay Area News, the Today Show and the Dr. Phil show as a crime expert.

The Bureau of Narcotic Enforcement began an undercover investigation of Wielsch last month after hearing allegations of possible  misconduct, Bureau of Narcotic Enforcement spokeswoman Michelle Gregory said.
The investigation is ongoing, but so far there is no indication that any other law enforcement personnel were involved in Wielsch and Butler's alleged activities, according to the Department of Justice.

Both men are in the jail in Martinez with very high bail amounts.

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