Police, Family Search For Man Who Went Missing From 49ers Game

A 32-year-old man went missing Monday night during the 49ers-Giants game at Levi's Stadium, according to Santa Clara police, and his family says it's unlike him to wander off without contact.

Police are asking for the public's help in finding Ian Powers, 32, of Spokane, Washington, who was last seen at the game with his family. He went to the restroom alone late in the game and hasn't been seen since, police said.

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Ian Powers

Powers contacted family around 10 p.m. Monday, police said, but it was unclear what was said. The family is looking for volunteers to help in the search; they are meeting 10 a.m. Thursday at the Old Ironside Cafe in Santa Clara.

Powers' girlfriend, Chelsea Robbins, said they were at the game with their two kids. She texted and called him but could not reach him, and she believes his phone's battery died.

"He never got a chance to talk to us, like after we made it back to the hotel." she said. "He didn't know where me and the kids were; he wouldn't have just disappeared and not called."

A 32-year-old man went missing Monday night during at the 49ers-Giants game at Levi's Stadium, according to Santa Clara police. Ian Cull reports.

Robbins and the children waited by his car in the parking lot after the game, but they ended up taking a bus back to Concord, where they were staying at a hotel near family.

Police said his cellphone last pinged where the car was parked in the Levi's lot.

On Wednesday, Powers' uncle, Sean Powers joined the search.

"Totally against his nature to just up and disappear, so it has to be foul play of some kind," Sean Powers said.

Ian Powers served two tours in the Army, according to Robbins. He was supposed to take his family to Los Angeles on Tuesday.

Levi's Stadium security was helping police with the search, checking surveillance footage from around the venue. Police conducted a comprehensive search around the stadium Wednesday. They said so far, they do not have evidence of foul play but aren’t ruling out anything.

"Nothing has really come up in a theory for us to even go down and work," Santa Clara police Capt. Wahid Kazem said. "Everything is still quite open and fluid."

Anyone who sees Powers or has information regarding his whereabouts should call Santa Clara police at 408-615-5580.

NBC Bay Area's Ian Cull and Robert Handa contributed to this report.

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