Police, FBI Announce Gang Bust in East Bay

Pittsburg police and the FBI announced Wednesday they have arrested eight suspects in connection to a violent crime spree.

The arrests follow a 16-month investigation called "Operation Broad Day Klap It Out." Officials said the alleged gang was called "Broad Day" because they operated in broad daylight and "klap" was for the sound of their guns.

Investigators said the arrests put a serious dent in the gang, a group alleged to have repeatedly committed violent crimes in Pittsburg.

Contra Costa County District Attorney Diana Becton said the alleged crimes include burglary, shootings in public areas, pimping across the state and murder.

One of the men arrested, Giovante Boyd, is accused of murdering an innocent bystander. Police said in March, Boyd hid a gun under a car on Carpino Street in Pittsburg. The gun was gone when he came back for it and Boyd argued with the man he thought had taken it.

Then in broad daylight and in front of witnesses, Boyd allegedly opened fire, striking and killing Robert Moffett, an innocent bystander.

"The brazen nature of this crime shows the level of danger this gang introduced into our community with no regard for public safety or life," Pittsburg Police Chief Brian Addington said. 

Officer seized weapons, drugs and cash from the group. The suspects face multiple charges, including conspiracy to commit crimes. Investigators have nearly two dozen more persons of interest.

The FBI said the operation should send a message.

"We will keep coming and making sure that people who decide to take over neighborhoods and think they own it, that this now stops," said John Bennett, special agent for the FBI. "We won't let it continue to happen."

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