San Jose

Vandalism Spree Leaves Windows Damaged Across San Jose

San Jose police are investigating a city-wide vandalism spree that has left dozens of vehicles and businesses with damaged windows.

People all across town overnight reported shattered windows, possibly caused by a BB gun.

At least eight cars in the area of 5th and Taylor streets were found with broken windows around 5:30 a.m. Tuesday. Every window at a Western Store were also damaged. Windows in storefronts all along Alum Rock Avenue either have been punctured or shattered by what is believed to be BBs.

"You wake up in the morning, come to open your business and you find this mess," said Javier Sandoval, who owns a San Jose business damaged in the vandalism spree. "The windows are borken, and it's really upsetting. Somebody gets by and destroys your property."

Sandoval said he has to pay thousands of dollars in repairs. His surveillance system captured what he believes is the culprit -- someone driving a black Dodge Charger.

"It's scary. Hopefully he doesn't have a real gun where he can start shooting people too," Sandoval said. "Because somebody like that, you can expect anything from somebody like that."

A neighborhood in Japantown saw nearly a dozen car windows shattered. Police said 10 other neighborhoods were hit by the same crime.

Police do not know if all the vandalism are linked. Merchants on Alum Rock, however, said they do not care and just want more vigilance and not just a request to fill out a police report.

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