Shelter in Place Lifted After Police Apprehend Second Suspect in Officer-Involved Shooting

Police in San Leandro shot one suspect Thursday night near Bayfair mall and took another one into custody in an officer-involved shooting in San Leandro, according to the Fremont Police Department.

According to Fremont police, an auto burglary investigation led police officers to the mall parking lot. When the suspects realized that police officers were asking them questions they rammed a Fremont Police patrol car and then fled across the street to the Arco gas station.

Officers pursued the suspects and at some point at least one officer saw one of the suspects lifting a gun following which the officer began firing at the suspects. One suspect was injured and taken into custody and the other “armed and dangerous” suspect escaped the area.

Police believe the other suspect was injured at that time he escaped. A search began and the shelter in place was issued.

At around 1:45 a.m., police found the suspect on the BART tracks in the area. He was injured and is being treated at an area hospital.

The shelter in place has been lifted.

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